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Astrological Reading's w/ Julia

Astrological Reading's w/ Julia

Julia Bray (she/they) - Aquarius sun, Leo rising, Libra moon

The potions of art and assistance I create live in the sweet intersection of behavioral science, magic, spirituality and theater. In my astrological readings I explore a trauma informed approach to the way archetypal energy can support us in knowing ourselves & our patterns. My readings translate the symbols, angles and degrees of your soul chart into a lively story that illustrates your deepest callings, your most treasured emotions, and your most challenging behavioral blocks. I typically do not predict things; instead, our sessions call you back into an aligned relationship with your own soul, letting you do the intimate work of navigating what is correct for your evolution of consciousness with greater ease. Working with the chart gives us access to incredibly deep psychological patterns, which we ground in the awareness of your lived experience and cultural circumstances. I have a deep psychic relationship with the planets, with my guides, and with the spiritual issues my client’s face. As a queer, magical, witch weirdo and Aquarius I am here for the artists, the renaissance souls of many talents, the non normative seekers, the freaks of emotional intelligence, and the magicians of inner play and power. All of my work is intended to facilitate a powerful space for our behavioral patterns to unfold, our humanity to be cherished, our messiness to be embraced, and our aliveness to be celebrated.

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**We do not offer tarot or other various services or classes cancellations within 24 hours with a refund but we will gladly reschedule you if this is not a recurring issue.

Cancellation policy: Up to 50% refunded for cancellations 48 hrs in advance. Cancellations within 47 hrs or less will result in a discount for a future class or reading but no refund.

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Astrological Reading w/ Julia (In-Person)