Devious Divinations: Scrying with Crystal Balls and Mirrors

$ 25
This class is all about scrying with crystal balls and mirrors. We will be providing information on how to divine with such objects as well as the use of herbs and resins for directing energy, as well as trapping entities and working with your personal shadow with these items.
This is both an entry level class as well as a class for those who have had some experience.
We will discuss a number of materials to practice with as well as what we suggest using for this class, obsidian and solid crystal balls. We will not be using or directing work with false crystal balls or glass gazing balls as an example.
Tickets can be purchased with or without the option of a scrying ball or mirror. If you plan on a single ticket, make sure to use your own mirror or ball to work with!
Ticket can be purchased for the following options and prices:
1) $25 and you can use your own Scrying Mirror or Ball.
2) $25 ticket and purchase of Obsidian Scrying Mirror 3" for $40 - Valued at $65/ Discounted for $60.
3) $25 ticket and purchase of Obsidian Scrying Mirror 4" for $62 - Valued at $87/ Discounted for $80
3) $25 ticket and purchase of 2-2.5" Obsidian Scrying Ball for $55 - Valued at $85/ Discounted for $80
October 17, 5-7 PM online, live via zoom
- All people (gender, race, sexual orientation...) are welcome here but this class isn't a great event for kids unless they are taking the course and the parent has given approval.
- Pre-paying helps us to book the space and prepare the print-out information you will receive.)
Cancellation policy: Up to 50% refunded for cancellations 48 hrs in advance. Cancellations within 47 hrs or less will result in a discount for a future class but no refund.
About your instructor:
Erika Fortner, founder and Head Mistress of The House of Twigs, has been a Tarot reader, Witch, medium and Psychic for 25+ years. She is also the Head Mistress and Curator of THoT: The School of Ritual, Keven Craft Rituals, and the newest addition q. Meb (Queen Meb).
She is an Artist with a BFA from Pratt Institute and has an extensive fine Art background in NYC with one of the top Artists in the world working with museums such as the MOMA and Guggenheim as well as living in Berlin, Germany and Venice, Italy.
She is an eclectic energy worker (Reiki master as well as other healing modalities) Shamanic/folklore Witch; specializing in her own style of in-depth Tarot reading, crystal work, and channeling.
She favors the Morrighan, Isis, Hecate, Freya, and Cernnunos. Erika’s inspiration of ritual comes from many areas, including her family lineage which connects to the first Kings of Ireland, Queen Maeb, the King of the Picts, as well as connections with the Welsh Lewellyn family, the Scottish McLaughlins, De Forsythe and McCloud clans.
She has worked for the Psychic Friends network while in Brooklyn before deciding the ethos of the company didn’t align with her practice.
She now has her roots planted in Portland, Oregon with her partner and daughter.

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