Queer Craft - Full Pink Moon in Libra: Finding Peace Through Balance

$ 8

Queer Craft is a new event here we have been working on. It is an LGBTQ & NB - Moon and Magick Circle. 

It is not to say that this circle is only for those whom identify with this diverse group but instead, it is meant to be a group for and by those who would like to have a practice outside of the male and female identities or traditional orientations. 

We will host a separate circle for those who don’t specifically identify with this group and the topics that will be discussed. Depending on demand this may be the opposite moon or we may end up doubling our moon events.

Full Pink Moon in Leo April 18th ~ 7:00-8:30 PM
Led by Noah Griffin Baelfire Willis and Erika Fortner, Astrology explanations and tips by Cristina Farella

Sliding scale of $8-12 to cover the cost of the space and hosts

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