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Grimoires, Journals + Books

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Sold out365 Days of Hoodoo: Daily Rootwork, Mojo & Conjuration - qmeb
Sold outPlant Magic for the Beginner Witch : An Herbalist's Guide to Heal, Protect and Manifest - qmebPlant Magic for the Beginner Witch : An Herbalist's Guide to Heal, Protect and Manifest - qmeb
Sold outWitches: The History of a Persecution - qmeb
Sold outBadass Ancestors: Finding Your Power with Ancestral Guides - qmeb
Sold outWerewolf Magic: Authentic Practical Lycanthropy - qmeb
Sold outWater Magick: Elements of Witchcraft Series #1 - qmeb
Entering Hekate's Garden: The Magick, Medicine & Mystery of Plant Spirit Witchcraft - qmeb
Witch Hunt: A Traveler's Guide to the Power and Persecution of the Witch - qmeb
Sold outItalian Magic: Secret Lives of Women - qmeb
Queering Your Craft - qmeb
Queering Your Craft Sale price$ 17.00
Coptic Bound Grimoire THoT - Black Goatskin - qmebCoptic Bound Grimoire THoT - Black Goatskin - qmeb
Sold outThe Moon Book : Lunar Magic to Change Your Life - Hardcover - qmeb
Sex Witch : Magickal Spells for Love, Lust, and Self-Protection - qmeb
Ancient Egyptian Magic for Modern Witches : Rituals, Meditations, and Magical Tools - qmeb
Mountain Conjure and Southern Root Work - qmeb
Psychic Self Defense (Weiser Classics) : The Definitive Manual for Protecting Yourself Against Paranormal Attack - qmeb
Year of the Witch : Connecting with Nature's Seasons through Intuitive Magick - qmeb
Spellcrafting : A Beginner's Guide to Creating and Casting Effective Spells - qmebSpellcrafting : A Beginner's Guide to Creating and Casting Effective Spells - qmeb
The 21 Divisions : Mysteries and Magic of Dominican Voodoo - qmeb
Blackthorn's Botanical Brews : Herbal Potions, Magical Teas, and Sprited Libations - qmeb
Manifestation Magic : 21 Rituals, Spells, and Amulets for Abundance, Prosperity, and Wealth - Keven Craft Rituals
Sold outTeen Magick : Witchcraft for a New Generation - Keven Craft Rituals
Shamanic Power Animals : Embracing the Teachings of Our Non-Human Friends - Keven Craft Rituals
Doctoring the Devil : Notebooks of an Appalachian Conjure Man - qmeb
American Brujeria : Modern Mexican-American Folk Magic - qmeb
The Wisdom of the Shamans : What the Ancient Masters Can Teach Us About Love and Life - qmeb
Horse Magick : Spells and Rituals for Self-Empowerment, Protection, and Prosperity - qmeb
Trance-Portation : Learning to Navigate the Inner World - qmeb
Mindful Dreaming : Harness the Power of Lucid Dreaming for Happiness, Health, and Positive Change - qmeb
Sold outWild Medicine : Spring - qmeb
Wild Medicine : Spring Sale price$ 20.00
Sold outKeeping Her Keys: An Introduction To Hekate's Modern Witchcraft - qmeb
Geomancy : A Method for Divination - qmeb
The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz - qmeb
The Book of Secrets : Esoteric Societies and Holy Orders, Luminaries and Seers, Symbols and Rituals, and the Key Concepts of Occult Sciences Through the Ages and Around the World - qmeb
The Magic of Herbs - Keven Craft Rituals
The Magic of Herbs Sale price$ 25.00
The Complete Enochian Dictionary : A Dictionary of the Angelic Language as Revealed to Dr. John Dee and Edward kelley - qmeb
The Book of Black Magic - qmeb
The Book of Black Magic Sale price$ 22.00
The Wizard and the Witch : Seven Decades of Counterculture, Magick & Paganism (Out of Print) - qmeb
Talk to the Hand: A Field Guide to Practical Palmistry - Keven Craft Rituals
Sold outPlant Witchery: Discover the Sacred Language, Wisdom, and Magic of 200 Plants - Keven Craft Rituals
Sold out420 Meditations : Enhance Your Spiritual Practice With Cannabis - Keven Craft Rituals
Sold outWild Magic : Celtic Fold Traditions For the Solitary Practitioner - Keven Craft Rituals
Hekate : Goddess of Witches - Keven Craft Rituals
Hekate : Goddess of Witches Sale price$ 17.00
Crystal Prescriptions : The A-Z Guide to Chakra and Kundalini Awakening Crystals (Volume 4) - Keven Craft Rituals
Crystal Prescriptions : Space Clearing, Feng Shui, and Psychic Protection (Volume 5) - Keven Craft Rituals
Crystal Prescriptions : Crystals for Ancestral Clearing, Soul Retrieval, Sprit Release and Karmic Healing (Volume 6) - Keven Craft Rituals
Sold outKnot Magic: A Handbook of Powerful Spells Using Witches' Ladders and other Magical Knots - Keven Craft Rituals
Sold outCleansing Rites of Curanderismo : Limpias Espirituales of Ancient Mesoamerican Shamans - Keven Craft Rituals