The Normal Tarot - Silver and Gold Edition PRE-ORDER

$ 50


**SHIPS MARCH 2021 - Special Kickstarter deck

The Normal Tarot is a not-so-normal tarot deck created by the one and only Caretaker of Normal Horoscopes fame. If you aren't familiar with them, go read up on their blog. They post horoscopes, answer people's asks, give fortunes, research magic, demonology, and create incredibly unique tarot decks.

The deck features 99 cards, with a replaced major arcana (6 books, 8 moons, 7 kings, several wild cards, & 5 jokers) and suits replaced with seasons, featuring 3 knights and 3 queens (Lady, Queen, Mother) each. You can see 3 card readings and many of the cards on their blog.

The Caretaker is also updating the guidebook, and each will have the same guidebook, just with different cover art and the different deck's card arts on its pages.

The Silver version is the original, now with silver foil designs on the fronts. It comes with silver gilded edges and a silver foil pressed, two piece card box to keep the cards safe on a high quality black core card stock. Illustrated by the incredible Amy Smith.

(This is a Kickstarter deck and we cannot confirm that we can get more decks! Thank you in advance for supporting indie makers, and helping us to buy these to help support them and share their decks in-store)


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