Âme Tarot Deck - from La Much Slovenia

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Enjoy the rich symbolism of the classic Raider-Waite imageries without all of the nonsense that comes with the original deck. Now in aesthetic black-and-gold to fit your mystical channeling persona. The smooth matte of the cards makes them glide over silk reading cloths, adding a touch of magic to your reading routine with style. A modern touch for a nocturnal witch.

  •  78 cards, 2.75 x 4.75" each (70x121mm)
  • 350 gsm Professional Smooth Matte Card Stock
  • Digital print in golden-like colors (but not gold foil)
  • The artwork is originally created in illustrator by me!

There is NO psychical book or booklet included with this tarot deck. You can download a Free Digital guidebook on site.

*We handle the import fees and exchange rate so you don’t have to.

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