Herbal Smoking Blend - Mullein Da Fay

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Our signature tabacco free, herbal smoking blend to help stave off cravings for traditional cigarettes and give a sense of calm.

We use a mullien and damiana herb base to help soothe inflamed lungs and give a mild euphoric sensation, helping those move on from tabacco use, and may promote lucid dreaming when smoking before bed. Skullcap and lemon balm are also known to be calming herbs while the spearmint and lavender add that and a well balanced, fancy flavor.

-May also be used as an herbal burning incense.

This is a fill weight of 23 g, which is a full 9 oz glass jar.

Ingredients: *Mullein, Wildcrafted Damiana, *Skullcap, *Lemon Balm, *Spearmint, and Lavender

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