The Magpie’s Lenormand Deck

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The Magpie's Lenormand
is a 36-card deck printed on 400gsm art paper with matte finish. The cards are standard tarot size (4.72*2.75 in // 12*7 cm). They have metallic blue edging.

The deck features the complete set of 36 Lenormand cards, illustrated traditionally with ink paintings.

With many cards, the subject is a simple concept (example: The Dog, The Rider, The Clouds) that may feel similar to an Oracle deck, for those familiar with the idea. The deck has a very natural theme, focusing on plants and animals and insects. As such, the cards have been interpreted to fit, such as The House depicted as a gold-tinged beehive.

A few cards have been modified from the original "standard" Lenormand, including the Man and Woman cards. To avoid an unnecessarily limited binary, the Magpie's Lenormand instead has a run of The Caterpillar, The Chrysalid, and The Moth, including art that lines up into a nice scroll, showing this progression.

Each deck will come with The Magpie's Guide, a 48 pages full color booklet explaining symbolic meanings for each card. It is measuring 4.72*4.72in // 12*12cm with 135gsm paper and will be fully translated in English and French. Consider this booklet your guide. If you look upon the cards and are unsure what they mean, if no inclination or wisdom comes to you, you may use this to discern meaning. 

However, this guide is not law. If the cards have a clear meaning or message for you, what you see in them will always be more important and "correct" than what this booklet can tell you. To facilitate this, the booklet will even have some space left for you to contribute your own interpretations of the cards.  

We want to encourage people to read the cards from their own perspective, with some helping hands if needed. Follow your heart, and listen to your instincts.

Deck made in Lyon, France.


*note there is a misprint on their Kickstarter in the book. Linked is the correct English definition of the card.

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