Modern Guide to Mudras : Create Balance and Blessings in the Palm of Your Hand

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Simple, Hands-On Practices for Raising Positivity, Energy, and Inner Peace

Fill your life with grace and joy using one of humanity's oldest forms of magic and communion with spirit—mudras. These yoga poses for your hands are easy and effective ways to enhance worship, meditation, sacred movement, and ritual storytelling. Presenting a wealth of illustrations and practices, this book helps you bring empowerment and balance to each day.

Join popular author Alexandra Chauran on a journey into the spiritual power of mudras. Use the arala mudra to assist with healing and building confidence. Improve your love life with the kapitta mudra. Add the pasha mudra to your meditations for better problem solving. These gestures inspire positive change and help shut down negativity at home, work, and everywhere in between. Guiding you on mistakes to avoid and how to share mudra power with others, this book reveals that everything you need is right in your hands.

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