Rough Moldavite and Baltic Amber Ring on Sterling Silver- Size 5.5-7.5

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Moldavite is found on the in the Czech Republic where a meteor impacted the earth and the meteor and the earth elements fuzed back together. 

It is a stone of transformation, rapid spiritual evolution, chakra activation, cleansing, and increasing positive life synchronizations. It is a storm element stone, as especially works with the heart chakra and third eye. There is much occult lore associated with moldavite, and to say the least it is an intense stone that can be too much for some. It is often faked, but it is obvious when it is because it's energy is quite particular and immediate.  


Amber carries the power of the Solar Plexus and the light and solar energies of the sun. They are said to impart a sense of warmth, healing, and well-being to the wearer and is commonly suggested for those recovering from illness or injury. 

It is a stone of integration and personal evolution and is also suggested for those who suffer from seasonal depression or light depression.

Use this stone for overall vitality, as this stone resonates with the earth element, but also it’s vitally extends into other emotional and astral bodies, by helping to burn off entities or attachments.

Handcrafted and set in 92.5 sterling silver.


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