Vintage Lapis Lazuli Circular Earrings - Afghan Turkman Jewelry

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Nomad Tribal jewelry from the **Afghan Turkman tribes, handcrafted with local stones and *Alpaca Silver/German Silver. New or vintage collection.

Approximately 2.7" in length.

 Lapis Lazuli is a wonderful stone with a historical lore as well as metaphysical history. It is said to be a protective and psychic enhancement stone. The blue has been used to make ultramarine blue paints and pigments and even decorated the Gates of Ishtar. Flecks of gold run through lapis, which is actually the iron based crystal, pyrite. These two crystals combine keep you both in your body, and the energies of others at their distance; allowing you the ability to flow creatively and intuitively.

*An alloy of copper, nickel and sometimes zinc or iron. People with nickel allergies should not wear this jewelry).

Turkman Jewelry is made from nomadic tribe craftsmen and we work with a supplier who is sourcing directly from families and this tradition.

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