Rainbow Moonstone Coffin and Coffin Nail Necklace - Gunmetal

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One copper electroformed Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Coffin & Coffin Nail complete on a 30” gunmetal ball chain.

Darkened copper patina.

Coffin nails have been used for centuries in ritual magic, sometimes for positive spell work, but most often for hexing or spells of malice. These are genuine, heavy metal square nails.

Moonstone helps protect those who are sensitive and promotes the yin, or femme energies. It is perfect for those who love the arts, nature, creative types and musicians. It has love energy, luck, and psychic protection because its relationship to the water element horoscope signs.

Rainbow moonstone diffuses energy through the aura and clears the psychic senses. It brings joy  to the energy field and helps cleanse the emotional body from trauma. 

With stone coffin and coffin nail, pendant measures approximately 4.0”. Size, shape, and color may vary of stone and nail as each is unique.

Made in United States

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