Amulet Necklace - by The Nephilim Rising

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These Wearable Magick Amulets by The Nephilim Rising are handmade for specific correspondences. 

**Fun fact from the maker: These Amulets come directly from Thailand. I fill them with contents and Magick. Traditionally, they are worn to honor the Dead, specific Ancestors and/or as Spirit Vessels. I've learned a whole lot from the Shop Owners, and am grateful to have found them and their Amulets. These are not easy to assemble or create. They make you work for it.


Queen of Poisons -  Contains : Nettle Leaf, Hawthorn, Aconite (Wolf's Bane), Mummified Rat Snake & Skeleton Key with Snake Vertebrae

Correspondences : Root & Third Eye Chakras, Earth Element, Fierce Protection, Witchcraft, Magick 


Remover of Obstacles -Red Lotus, Ganesh Charm, Western Diamondback Snake Shed and Flashy Purple Labradorite

Correspondences : Remove Stagnate Energy, Passion, Creativity, Abundance, Manifestation, Heals Auric Tears, Psychic Protection, Return to Sender


Mother Amulet - Motherwort, Elderberries Garnet Chips & a single Rose Bud

Correspondences : Removes Curses, Motherly Love (Human or Spirit), Passion, Healing Trust Issues, Brings Confidence, Aids Female Issues, Sacral Chakra


Sea Witch - Irish Sea Moss, Faceted Ethiopian Opal, Amazonite and Larimar

Correspondences : Creativity, Water Element, Calming Energy, Accepting One’s Truth, Storm Energy


Shadow Walker - Contains : Bobcat Claw, Obsidian Crescent Moon, Rainbow Moonstone, Red Rose Petals, Snake Shed 

Correspondences : All Chakras, All Elements, Shadow Work, Move Unseen, Ignite Passion, Transformation


To Thine Own Self Be True - Contains : Faceted Ethiopian Opal & Reindeer Moss

Correspondences : Crown & Solar Plexus Chakras, All Elements, Truth Seer, Shields Negativity, Increases Willpower


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