Art studio assistant with a witchcraft twist job opportunity (Portland, OR only)

Looking for a studio production assistant for fabrication of items we make for our witchy store (Queen Meb) and wholesale side of the business (Keven Craft Rituals).
Job details would include the fabrication of ceramics, brooms (dyeing and fabrication), candles, handmade books, herbal products, plant care, cosmetics, label creation and application, laser etching and minor woodworking.
You would be working closely with me (Erika) daily or sometimes left to your own tasks.
Some computer knowledge required for software programs Mac and PC.
This work would mostly be done in my home studio(s) so there is a need for a demeanor that respects my families personal space as well as being comfortable wearing masks when needed.
Skill set you need to have:
-A good work ethic and an interest in learning my process and being creative
-High attention to detail (I worked in a fine art studio so execution of detail is a must)
-Foundational drawing and art skills
-Some ceramic knowledge is helpful for hand building or wheel throwing as well as studio safety
-A self-sufficient worker who doesn’t mind direction but doesn’t need to be micromanaged once trained.
-An ability to “wear many hats”
-An interest in witchcraft and the witch world. You may be asked to work in the storefront, in the production area, or interact with customers, clean or organize.
This is a contract position based on work needed so having a 1099 status is helpful but not required.
Pay starts at $15 an hour with a chance for more hours.
Perks include : Witch store discounts, exposure learning of tarot/astrology/crystals/and herbs, learning new creative skills, a chance to creatively contribute ideas for goods, use of some studio space and tools outside of work hours can possibly be negotiated. It’s also nice to be in a low key but multitasking environment where you can wear want you want, listen to music all day, chat, or contemplate while working and drinking free coffee.
*It is of course, a BIPOC and LGBTQI friendly working environment.
Send an introductory email to kevencraftritual (@) or use this form.