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Q. Where do I find current lists of classes and events?

A. Please follow our Facebook page to find the most recent and updated classes and events.



Erika Fortner Reiki Witch Tarot Owner Keven Craft Rituals Eugene Oregon

Reiki and Tarot by Erika Fortner -

  • Erika is a practicing Reiki Master that uses crystal therapy with her sessions and intuitive readings focused on health and personal blockages. Often referred to as a form of witch attunement. She often will use non-touch kineseology or a form of sound healing  and shamanic practices if the session calls for it.
  • She offer s a non-denominational session or a Witch and Pagan centric Reiki Healing witch involves practices of Shamanism, Sound healing, Deity work and Candle Magick.
  • Erika has been a psychic and reader of tarot cards for over 22 years. She specializes in short or long readings to help uncover energetic blockage.She also offers a mix of palm reading and channeling as a form of listening to higher guides and manifestation of positivity in ones life during all of her tarot and reiki sessions. $40 for 30 minutes, $80 an hour. She can do in-person readings, phone, skype, or other forms of distance work.


Tarot Readings by appointment with Dandy Pie

dandy pie tarot readings keven craft rituals eugene oregon metaphysical wicca witch occult

Please refer to our facebook events for specifics dates and events.


Palm Readings by Tina Fay Drugg

tina fay drugg palm reader services keven craft ritual

Please refer to our facebook events for specifics dates and events.


Shamanic Healing Services by Ruthann McCracken

Ruthann gre up on the islands of Okinawa where ancestral and shamanic practices are prevalent. She is a shamanic healer and Reiki master - teacher in both the Usui and Karuna traditions. She also practices energetic healing, ceremonial magic, elemental witchcraft, Enneagram, and other traditions from multiple cultures. Ruthann works with power animals, spirit allies, and dieties from several traditions including Green Tara, Durga, Hecate, and Bast.

Please refer to our facebook events for specifics dates and events.

Herbal Consultation with Gwen - Black Cat apothecary

Please refer to our facebook events for specifics dates and events.


Astrology Services (TBA)


Postpartum Care and Doula Services by Olivia Shapley, CPD (CAPPA) of Whole Beginnings (More information available for pricing and packages on her site)

  • A Postpartum Doula is a trained professional offering non-medical physical and emotional support to parents. Some of these support services and benefits include:

    • Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding Support and Education
    • Household Assistance
    • Family Nurturing
    • Newborn Care and Assistance
    • Resource Information
    • Reduced Incidences for Postpartum Mood Disorders
    • Empathetic Listener
    • Non-judgemental Care


  • My story began with the birth of my child. As a new parent, I found the lack in understanding of the postpartum period appalling. My own experience was lonely, full of misinformation and a dysphoria as to who I was now that I had a child. In our olivia shapley postpartum doula care services whole beginnings eugene oregon keven craft ritualsmainstream society, we are not taught about the true physical and  mental shifts that occur postpartum. Fueled with a passion to create change, I became actively involved in a local non-profit Daisy C.H.A.I.N. Mothering, providing free postpartum support services to all of Lane County. Through my volunteer work arose a desire to actively take part in my community as a postpartum doula. Officially certified through CAPPA since 2016, I strive to change the idea of what it means to "give birth," which is a broad spectrum including adoption, miscarriage, and abortion. I consider myself a Radical Doula, committed to making a difference. With wrap-around evidence-based support, trauma-informed care, and a nourishing postpartum period, I aim to empower parents to find their new normal. 

Q. What spaces do you have other than your retail space on the main floor?

A. Reiki, LMT Massage, Drop-in Healing, Office, or Consultation Space-


A. Meditation, Workshop, or Flex Space-

meditation metaphysical workshop space eugene oregon keven craft rituals

meditation metaphysical workshop space eugene oregon keven craft rituals

Q. Are you interested in partnering with 'Keven to host your next workshop, use our drop-in space for your healing work, classes, or workshops?

A. Please contact the store for bookings and rates.

*Our current working freelance services are provided by various and rotating members of the community. Please scroll down to see individual services provided by Keven Craft Rituals.