Box Contents :

Raw Tiger's Eye:

  •  Tiger's Eye has big cat energy with masculine/solar power energy for the heart and the crown chakra. It promotes good fortune by attracting the best situations to you. It is energetically empowering and also grounding.

Tumbled Nephrite Jade:

  • Jade is a stone of spiritual and physical wealth. It is known to help with financial stability and increase prosperity. It is a heart chakra stone that promotes love and nurturing behavior.

Abalone shell:

  • Many indigenous peoples have used shells as currency. Abalone was used by many American coastal tribes and we chose to include this to honor this form of trade, as a symbol of good fortune. It may be used to represent prosperity and may also be used as a functional/traditional smudge stick base.

Wearable Magick by THoT writer The Nephilim Rising:

  • Hekate's Road Opener Vial w/ Skeleton Key Charm! 

    • Red Roses for luck, lust, fortune and prosperity
    • Pyrite for luck, abundance, stone of action and a unique talisman for protection
    • Witches Grass for happiness, luck, love, and the law of attraction
    • Skeleton key as a road opener

Portal Floor Wash and Road Opener by Keven Craft Rituals and THoT curator/writer Erika Fortner:

  • This floor wash was made as a road opener, to help bring in prosperity, and keep those doors and roads open. Made from a special combination of 'abre camino', mandrake root, rose, bay rum, as well as the Rose of Jericho and other plants and herbs as well as a  proprietary blend of essential oils. 
  • May be used in small amounts in a bath, or in dilution with water to cleanse the floors, doorways, etc.
  • For ritual cleaning purposes only. This is what is known as a 'magical wash' which is a curio item which is not intended to replace, heal, or cure any medical condition.

    Do not consume. Intended for applying to external objects, like floors, doorways, walls, etc.

Ritual for Prosperity by Danielle Dulsky writer for The House of Twigs