Box Contents :

Moonstone (mixed):

  • Wearing moonstone can help protect sensitive emotions It can also be worn to enhance divination and encourage prophetic dreams and pleasant dreams and to prevent nightmares. It is an excellent focal point for meditation and can also be used for scrying.

    Moonstone represents the yin, attracts peaceful energy and brings about a calm, balanced state.

Angelica Root and Wormwood:

  • A small vial that contains organic angelica root and wormwood. Intended to be used in the scroll ritual that comes in the box.
  • Angelica Root - Angelica is associated with the angels Michael and Gabriel. It is aligned with the sun and the element of fire and sacred to Venus. Angelica is commonly used for general protection, especially against evil spirits and hex-breaking as well as general blessing and is especially useful for the defense of women. It is known for banishing and enhancing.
  • Wormwood - Wormwood is associated with the planet Mars and the element of fire or air. Wormwood may also be used in spells to send harmful magic back on its sender. In ritual, we are using it for sending our own unaligned self, that we have otgrown or karmatically released.

Mugwort Smudge:

  • Carefully light this smudge and use as a traditional smudge or before a ritual. Burn on a non-flammable surface.
  • Black Sage (salvia mellifera) is more potent than traditional smudges. It is great for modern day witches who need more intensity with their ritual. It is great for clearing psychic energy and debris as well as working with divination and goddess energy.

Banishing Ritual:

  • Written by Erika Fortner, owner of Keven Craft Rituals and the owner/curator, and a writer of The House of Twigs.

Hexing Candle:

  • This cande has been made to be used in ritual to prevent negative or abusive behavior towards you. It is great to help seperate enrgies and make sure the person inteded gets an energetic spanking.We do not allow our candles to be used to physicaly harm an individual, so please keep this in mind during your ritual.
  • Made from natural beeswax and candle color.
  • *We do our best to ensure it won't fall over but due to height of the candle, please don't leave unattended while burning.
  • For more information on how to use this cande, handmade by Keven Craft Rituals, please refer to our shop listing. Black Hexing Candle
Banishing Salt Scrub:
  • Banish away unwanted negative energy and watch it go down the drain with this beautifully fragrant Banishing Black Salt Scrub.

    Made during the Waning Moon on a Saturday to ensure that you're removing toxic energy from your sacred temple. You~

    Containing quality ingredients of Black Hawaiian Sea salt, Himalayan Sea Salt, Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential oils of Cedarwood, Cypress, Pine, Rose and Peppermint and Organic herbs of Peppermint , Rosemary, Rue and Rose petals ground down with a Mortar and Pestle. Contained in a Lovely little 3oz Recycled glass Jar with cork lid~

    This is great for Spiritual readers that deal with various energies on a daily basis~ Also helpful to others who are in contact with many different people throughout the day. 
    Other ways to use are after an argument, concerts, anywhere that you feel you have picked up other energies that you no longer wish to hold on to~

    ~How do you use it?
    In the shower, bath or on your hands, apply sparingly and scrub away all that unwanted Energy~
    The Black salt absorbs all of the negative energy that you can visualize going down the drain, leaving your skin silky smooth and fully cleansed. All of the herbs chosen to work with for this blend, have a long history of offering their protection and aiding in cleansing you both physically and spiritually. 

    Remember this is Black salt and does take a rinse or two to fully wash away the Negative Energy~ It is recommended that you clean your tub afterword as well~ The Black banishing salt will stick to the residue on your tub~ Taking with it all of the Negativity right down the drain~

  • by THOT writer Sarah Collins, creator of Moon Godess Magic Apothecary.