Box Contents :

Consecrate & Purify Soap by Coph Nia Apothecary:

  • Can be used before ritual to prepare.
  • The salt, hyssop, and charcoal are to purify. The sage, myrrh, and tamanu oil are to consecrate.

  • Look for Kate's upcoming THOT article on ritual with the elements.

THot Sticker:

  • Contains 13 Runes and Sigilss and based on the traditional pentagram

Self-lighting charcoal woth rose, dragon's blood resin. frankinsence resin, & sweet myrrh:

  • Carefully light this charcoal and place on a non-flammable surface.This will contine to light itself and the flower and resins may be sprinkled on top in sucession or all together. Use this when you want to cleanse a space that will be used for an intention setting ritual.

Handmade leather medicine bag:

  • Made from scraps that would otherwise been thrown away. 
  • Can be worn around the neck as a crystal/herb talisman (medicine bag) or used as a small satchel.
  • Black Kyantie for aligning all the chakras, clearing, grounding and centering.Elevates vibrations. Sweep it around your aura to cleanse your energy field or meditate with this stone to elevate your gifts and remove blockages.
  • Citrine for chakra healing and balancing. With the energy of the sun it calms the mind and helps focus energy to facilitate change or intention. It helps block and transmute negative energy and helps keep one in the half-glass full (not empty) mindest.
  • Quartz to amplify the other stones, but it may also be progtrammed with your intensions by holding the stone and meditating on what you would like it to help with.
  • Pyrite to help remove negative energy and block out excessive energy from others, Helps keep you in your body and get a handle on anxiety.

Limited Edition Ritual Salt:

  • Contains energy cleansing black salt with herbs like hyssop and witch hazel leaves. This may be used in a ritual, kept on your altar or carefully sprinkled onto a burning candle.

Palo Santo:

  • A South American "holy wood" used as a traditional smudge to cleanse the energy of a space or the auric body.
  • Light this wood with a lighter or match and wave in your space to smudge away the stale energy or wave it around your aura to cleanse your perosnal energy. Make sure to use caution and notcatch your hair or clothing and place on a non-flammable surface
  • Can be used in ritual or as daily maintenance. 

 Cleansing Ritual for Sacred Space:

  • Written by Lauren of Womb Tree Alchemy, writer for THOT