Amazonite in Smoky Quartz Ring w/ Sterling Silver - US 6

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 Amazonite resonates wih the 4th, 5th Chakras  and the element of Water.

This is a stone of truth and harmony that stimulates and awakens the heart chakra. It also helps us manifest our dreams and desires. It magnifies our intentions, but since it works through the throat chakra these intentions must be spoken out loud. It helps one focus on what one wants and nudges one towards their gifts and knowledge.

On an emotional level, is helps one set appropriate boundaries with oneself (discipline) and externally.

On a physical level amazonite assists in physical healing for cell regeneration and after trauma or injury. It helps prevent hair loss and balances the thyroid and adrenals. This stone is known to be great for those who suffer with PTSD and addiction issues.


Smoky Quartz naturally helps you stay calm, and absorb negative energy. It has a mellower vibe than the clear variants.

As with all quartz, it can be programmed to enhance other stones, or work directly with a specific task. Tales circulate of it coming from ancient Lemuria, carrying with it, the knowledge of the Lemurians as an advanced, ancient people.

Handmade on sterling silver.


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