Amulet Necklace - by The Nephilim Rising

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These Wearable Magick Amulets by The Nephilim Rising are handmade for specific correspondences.

Chariot Uses: Victory, triumph, war, magickal amplifier, lightbringer, solar energy, protection 

Poppy Uses: Restorative, cleansing, poison path, dreamwork, baneful workings, protection, and deflection

Foxglove Amulet: Protection, creativity, midwifery, women’s health issues, love spells, Venus and Saturn influence

**Fun fact from the maker: "These Amulets come directly from Thailand. I fill them with contents and Magick. Traditionally, they are worn to honor the Dead, specific Ancestors and/or as Spirit Vessels. I've learned a whole lot from the Shop Owners, and am grateful to have found them and their Amulets. These are not easy to assemble or create. They make you work for it."



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