Bayberry Witches Wands - Hand Dipped, Taper Beeswax & Bayberry Wax Prosperity (6" Chime) Candles

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These are our own Keven brand, hand-dipped bayberry & beeswax, prosperity candles.  These are unscented unless specified with herbs or flowers but they do have a lovely natural beeswax scent as is and the bayberry smells a bit like a nice olive oil.

Bayberry is special because it is hard to source because it is painstaking to harvest from bayberry and you need tons of the leaves to make just a small amount . It was traditionally burned for prosperity and also for New Year to ensure a prosperous year was to come. As a magickal candle, this is all about prosperity, money, luck, fortune, and protection.

Bayberry Bark (Myrica cerifera)- aka Wax myrtle, Myrica, Candle Berry, Arbre a suif, Myricae Cortex, Tallow Shrub, Wachsgagle, Tallowberry, Candleberry Myrtle, Northern Bayberry, Southern Bayberry, Small Waxberry, Yang-mei, Vegetable Wax

Energy: Feminine

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Earth

Power: Money, Fortune, Luck, Protection

Part: Root


These are intended for spellwork but may also be used for a witchy decor.

Comes in a bundle of 1 double wick, making a set of 2 candles.

Hemp wick, 6" long and approx 3/8" diameter. These are handmade, so please allow for imperfections in our candles. This is what makes them unique. Approx 1-2 hr burn-time.

**sustainable, eco-conscious

Color: Bayberry and Natural White Beeswax

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