Handmade Natural Besom Broom

$ 50
Color: Natural

This old world style broom is functional but definitely geared more toward those with magical interests. We do the dyeing process with non toxic dyes that are stable and will not bleed under normal conditions. Natural bristles will not bleed as they are not dyed. It stands about 56 inches tall and weighs approximately three pounds. Sticks are hand selected and kiln dried, natural hardwoods.

You better think way ahead if you want this one for Halloween. They are used often for rituals and hand-fastings, but they sell out very fast during the Samhain season.

CARE TIPS: Hang your broom or lay it flat, never propped up on its bristles. This will prolong its life and longevity. To clean it, simply wipe away debris and cobwebs with your hand or a dry cloth.

Brooms have been considered magickal tools for ages by nearly all spiritual practices. Full-size besoms are often used to clear entire rooms of stale or negative energies, while smaller whisks can be kept at one’s altar for fanning cleansing smoke, clearing small circles, ushering spirits through portals, connecting with ancestors, and simply for sweeping up the dried herbs and ashes often used in ritual and prayer.

Handmade in Eugene, OR.

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