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"Big Boss Witch" Sweeper Brooms - Kitchen Broom

Sale price$ 115.00

This deluxe, “Big Boss Witch” kitchen style broom has double broomcorn for an amazing sweep. It is a bit heavier than our “Light as a Feather” Broom but feels luxurious and natural to use. 

(May take up to 4 weeks to fabricate if there is a backup of pre-orders or supply issues.)We are currently making broom handles out of other ethically sourced hardwoods (which will be marked on your order) including: ash, red maple, oak, hemlock, lilac, cherry, etc.

We hand-dye all of our broomcorn and lovingly stitch and adorn them with special details. All brooms are anointed with an ancient recipe of an iron solution for protection and belladonna is applied near the base of the broom (near the broomcorn) for additional magic and 'flying' properties for when you really need to clean our your house. We finish the handles with a handmade Roman beeswax which contains natural beeswax and bayberry wax for money, luck, and prosperity in the home.

*These are handmade at Queen Meb and range from 57”-58” tall. Hang them on the wall to help them keep their shape, and mist them with white vinegar and water if they get musty.

**We do not use preservatives in the dye, so fading can occur if left in sunlight. Bleeding can occur if they get too wet.
Since this is a natural material you may notice color variations in the dyes, especially black. This is normal for natural, non-toxic dyes and the natural dyeing process. 

Our Broom Making Story:

One of my (Erika’s) ancestors is a Lenape indigenous woman who was known to travel around, sell brooms, linens, tell fortunes, and heal people with herbs. This is something that has been on repeat in the back of my mind.

I have struggled to get brooms in when the demand is up at the store and I have chosen to honor my ancestors  by creating a series of brooms in my own design inspired by my multi-influenced heritage.
My partner (Tad) is also helping me make these brooms and he is using the inspiration of his Appalachian ancestors, mixed-European ancestors, and connections to the First Nation Metis
"Big Boss Witch" Sweeper Brooms - Kitchen Broom
"Big Boss Witch" Sweeper Brooms - Kitchen Broom Sale price$ 115.00