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Black Altar Brooms - 6- 7” Tampico

Sale price$ 23.00

Mini black altar brooms for keeping your sacred space clean. They are made from a non-toxic dye and natural Tampico fibers from the Agave plant, so they can also be used on the skin for dry brushing or for energy work.

**We do not use preservatives in the dye, so fading can occur if left in sunlight. Bleeding can occur if they get too wet.
Since this is a natural material you may notice color variations in the dyes, especially black. This is normal for natural, non-toxic dyes and the natural dyeing process. 

*These are handmade at Queen Meb.

One of my ancestors is a Lenape indigenous woman who was known to travel around, sell brooms, linens, tell fortunes, and heal people with herbs. This is something that has been on repeat in the back of my mind.

I have struggled to get brooms in when the demand is up at the store and I have chosen to honor my ancestors  by creating a series of brooms in my own design inspired by my multi-influenced background.
Expect to see lots of new designs and special besoms, kitchen brooms, and hand brooms out in the near future.
Black Altar Brooms - 6- 7” Tampico
Black Altar Brooms - 6- 7” Tampico Sale price$ 23.00