Black Carbon (fluorescent) Petroleum Herkimer-like Diamond Quartz (Enhydro)

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These contain a water and/or petroleum debris, and are quite rare. The bubble and debris inside will glow in fluorescent lights. 

These petroleum quartz are very unique and superior quality. Some of them come with black carbon (anthraxolite) while some are just clear with petroleum. They are a AAA grade and particularly gemmy and beautiful.

In the witch world, these are used to help clear toxins form the body. It is said to help ease anxiety and panic attacks, and excellent for those on the autistic spectrum. The stone helps you dig back into past lives, and get guidance along the way from higher guides and spirits. Expect to feel calm and relaxed when holding one of these beautiful little stones.

The large size enhydro is approximately 1 gram, or 5 carats.


30 pieces in stock

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