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Black Hen Feather Saging Fans

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Based off of traditional hoodoo/ rootwork design by Lovely Little Bones Occult, by two local PDX makesr.

Saging in tradition is believed to be one of the best ways to clear energy in a space or within a person. It is known that vibrations are lifted and energy is restored when the smoke of certain herbs are burnt and released into the space.

The most popular companion to a saging stick is the feather wand. The wand is used to distribute the smoke around the person or space you are trying to clear.

Based in hoodoo tradition black fizzle hen feathers were used to brisk over a person during a conjure doctor’s ritual in order to release any jinxes or crossed conditions the person may have upon them. The motion of the cleansing was done from head to toe. Pushing the smoke around the person.

Our feather wands are created after traditional hoodoo designs. Celebrating the culture and honoring the history. We use 100% genuine black hen feathers. Each wand is adorned with a labradorite stone that is wrapped and bound by leather. All items are handmade. No two items are alike. These are made out of organic material and have natural flaws because they are from real animal parts. Sold as Curio only. SIZING IS ABOUT 17-18” IN LENGTH.

Spiritual meanings of materials:

Chicken feet In hoodoo tradition are known as protection talismans. Because chickens scratch at the ground it is believed that they have the capability to scratch out any negativity that has been sent to you.

Color black is used for grounding, tapping into ancient wisdom, rebirth, banishing, defense, reversing, and release.

Labradorite known for help in change and transformation. It revitalizes and protects auras, grounds spiritual energies and raises ones conscious.

Black hen feathers in hoodoo tradition were used in work done by a conjure doctor. Sometimes made into talismans, placed in mojo bags, hung over doorways, or bound together into wands to brush away negative energy off a person.