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Black Kyanite Gemstone Broomstick Necklace - Antique Copper

Sale price$ 60.00

One copper electroformed Black Kyanite Gemstone Broomstick Necklace.

These broomsticks can transport you anywhere. There are so many legends regarding broomsticks. In ancient times, brooms in a temple were considered sacred. You had to have clean hands to use one. There are plenty of superstitions concerning brooms, because the act of sweeping is inherently metaphorical. Broomsticks are also a useful storytelling symbol, by a leap of imagination, they can turn into a vehicle by which to escape.

Made from a real tree branch and Black Kyanite fan with Turquoise.  

-Black Kyanite is a fantastic grounding stone that helps open and clear all chakras. It pretty much looks like a little witch broom, and definitely helps clean out some of the funk. It helps bring in higher frequencies to facilitate growth and personal healing.

-Turquoise is said to increase the flow of serenity, creativity, empathy, positive thinking, intuition and happiness that can lead to a more full-filled, happy state of being.

Measures approximately 5.5” x 1.25” at its widest and comes on a 24” gunmetal chain. and Ombré patina.

Made in United States of America