Black Marble Relic Tile for Altars, Crystal Grids, & Divination - Collectible Series

$ 40


Black Marble, hexagon 6" custom etched Relic Tiles made with mutli-disciplinary knowledge.

This will be a buildable series of tiles that can be purchased individually, or collect all of them to create a larger space.

Use them as decoration, for crystal grids, pendulum tiles, and more.

1 - The Sol - In the center the sun shows life force, personalities, Sunday and the center of our being with a centrilized 9 pointed geometry (also linked with the musical scales and the Tree of Life). Outside the sun is circled by the cardinal signs, mutable signs, fixed signs (astrological). On the outside rim there are planets, days of the week and inspirations from Gnostic texts. Since Sunday is central, Mon-Sat circles the outside. 

2 - TBA

3 - TBA

4 - TBA

5 - TBA

6 - TBA

7 - TBA

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