Blind Person Tarot - by Allison M. Garcia

$ 50

This is a intricately designed and very unique 78 tarot card deck. Allison Garcia designed each card over the course of 2015 and 2016 until she decided to publish it independently through supporters on Kickstarter!

"Since then I have reprinted This deck 4 times, improving small details with each republication. Each card was individually designed in pen and ink using the Rider-Waite deck as a very direct reference point for symbology and meaning of every card in the major arcana and minor arcana decks. I used animal symbology for the suit cards, you will find that rabbits are pentacles, wolves are wands, tigers are cups and rats are swords.

They are printed on high quality smooth finish cards which come in a custom-designed matte finish cardstock tuck-box. Each card has an even black border so they are unidentifiable from the side or back."

The size of one card is 2.75”x4.75” (70mm x 12mm)

4th Edition

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