Brigid Triple Goddess - Deity Statue for Altars and Decor

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Healer. Alchemist. Queen.

A lovely altar piece for daily inspiration. Reclaim the power of the triple goddess with her as a powerful symbol of the feminine aspect. 

"She is identified in Lebor Gabála Érenn as a daughter of the Dagda and a poet. The same passage mentions that she has two oxen, Fe and Men, that graze on a plain named after them, Femen; elsewhere Fe and Men are described as the two oxen of Dil, "radiant of beauty," which may be a byname for Brigid. She also possessed the king of boarsTorc Triath, and Cirb, king of wethers (sheep), from whom Mag Cirb is named. The animals were said to cry out a warning and thus Brigid is considered the guardian of domesticated animals. As the daughter of Dagda, she is also the half sister of CermaitAengusAed and Bodb Derg." - Wikipedia


An authentic 4" cold cast bronze statue.

Color: Cold Cast Bronze

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