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Cascarilla (White, Brown, or Blue/Green Eggshell) Powder - For Barriers, Spells, and Potions

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These are 0.3 oz re-sealable rice paper pouches filled with handground, casarilla powder, by actual witches. Most commonly you will find this product made by a industrial machine with fillers. We use what we have on hand which include organic white, brown, or blue/green eggshells that have been energetically cleansed and sanitized for ritual use.

Sprinkle this on doorways, near windows, in floor washes, 'holy water', boundaries, and spellwork.

Not intended for ingestion.

Because these are handground, there is size discrepensies in the particals. It can be ground down more for a finer powder. No fillers. No toxic chemicals were used for santizing.