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Chunky Mushroom Psychedelic Crystal Candle w/ Esbad Seed

Sale price$ 14.00

The perfect birthday gift for your nature, crystal, psychedelic loving friend or moon ceremony ritual tool! Hand poured, eco-friendly, sustainable mushroom candle. Perfect as a birthday candle or a tealight replacement.

•Crystals for spiritual protection or enhancement (crystals vary)
•Ethically sourced natural mica for magical sheen + spiritual support
•Some come with Evil eyes decor extra aesthetic and protection 🧿

They are designed to have a crystal/gemstone look to them!

Beeswax or Soy + beeswax + coconut wax
Sustainable as it needs no vessel

Get yours for moon rituals, your favorite witches birthday or just cute home decor ✨

**These currently come in two sections and are pinned together. Once the top section is burned there is a secret wick in the bottom section to be flipped upside down and burned as a second candle! These are fragile to ship and handle but sturdy as a candle.

Handmade by local Portland, OR BIPOC maker,  The Afghan Witch.

"My candles are made w/ my own intention setting during the pouring process, evil eye adornments (they’re very important in Afghan culture as well) in addition to crystals that will help with energetic and spiritual support, motivated and inspired by tarot, Mother Nature, and mushroom medicine.

I use organic hemp wicks and clean, eco-friendly wax for a clean + non toxic burn, ethically sourced mica!

The mushroom candles don’t always have the evil eye design on the outside but they always have crystals inside."