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Coyote Bone and Wooden Blade Athame

Sale price$ 85.00

Don’t mind the paint and the sawdust under may nails, these were made by hand and completed right before photographing.

These have such a lovely vibe even though they invoke some intense magic..

Padauk wood has some interesting magical properties. Some associate it with Venus and the heart chakra. Others find it complex and chaotic. Either way, you cannot deny it’s invoking and beautiful qualities.

Coyote bone is associated with one of the great tricksters. They are also survivalists, extremely intelligent, and playful. The Navajo have coyote in their stories, representing both good and evil. As a Native animal to the Americas, coyote has much mythology but working with the bones always invokes a bit of wild energy; accepting but never tamed.

Athames, or ritual knife's are intended to be used for metaphysical and ritual purposes.

Although this is an un-sharpened, non-functional blade, we cannot sell this to anyone under 18 years of age.

These athame's are hand shaped and then etched, Scrimshawed (etched and Inked) into the ethically sourced coyote bone handle, and will hold up for ritual use.

Strapped with goatskin leather cord, each one is unique because they are made from natural materials.

Handmade in-house by Keven Craft Rituals LLC

Coyote Bone and Wooden Blade Athame
Coyote Bone and Wooden Blade Athame Sale price$ 85.00