Cunning Crow Witches Needles

$ 50
Information by the Artist: A Gothic piece bringing honor to the Sacredness of the Crow and it's Magic. Inspired by the Victorian era hat pins I've crafted this Cunning Crow witches needle. With many uses at hand~ hat pin, Poppet needle or weapon in a bind.
*Please note this is a needle and point is sharp, care should be taken when wearing or working with this trinket. Serious harm can happen if you do misuse or mishandled this piece. Keep from pets and children. This is a sacred tutelary piece and should respected with the utmost honor and care. Needle should be stored in a black bag or cloth when not using.
Claw is sealed very well but care should be taken not to damage it by getting it wet, exposing to direct sunlight for extended time or use anything other than a lightly dampened cloth to clean if needed. Please keep in a safe place from pets and childrenot. This is a sacred gifting from the Crow (magpie) spirit and it should be treated with the utmost respect. 
Medium needles are approx.10.5" long. Crafted with a ethically sourced Carrion Crow claw, Clear Quartz crystal ball or Jet stone sphere, molten pewter and stainless.
Designed by Lady Àine of the Witching Beil

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