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Ear Clip - Snake (Sterling Silver)

Sale price$ 35.00

This sterling silver Snake ear clip/ear climber showcases the master jewelry carving of the late Blaine Hess, who sadly never lived to see most of his work make it into the hands of the public.

From the Maker (13th Floor Art)

**Ear clips are typically worn on the upper ear, and need to be carefully rotated onto that section of the ear, and when it's comfortably placed you lightly pinch the arms in place. DON'T bend and unbend the arms when putting it on and removing it; silver is unforgiving that way. Once in place you should be able to rotate it off the ear, and then rotate it back on when you want to wear it again.

This was made by hand near Portland, OR with the Lost Wax Casting method of jewelry making.

Ear Clip - Snake (Sterling Silver)
Ear Clip - Snake (Sterling Silver) Sale price$ 35.00