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Embodiment Reading w/ Emily (In-Person)

Sale price$ 150.00

Embodiment readings are an hour-long healing session where we focus on the part of your life that needs nourishing. We will use your natal chart and the tarot as guides for understanding your strengths, patterns, and characteristics to inform us how to create a pathway forward. These readings' common focus areas include unblocking familial trauma signatures, romantic relationship discomfort, confidence building, rut releasing, and life path building.


Emily Carsten (she/her) - Taurus sun, Libra rising

Emily is a tarot reader with 10+ years of experience and over 4+ years as a Hellenistic astrologer with a psychological background rooted in Mythology, personal ancestry, and Astrological schooling. She is an Astrocartographer (locational astrology) and educator of tarot and astrology and uses psychic ability, breath-work, meditation, and my psychological background in readings with clients.

Her approach is individualized to support each client’s needs. She works to empower clients through reconnection to their deepest desires, and hopes. She offers access to lost parts of self, while helping people ground down into their archetypal identity. She specializes in familial healing, confidence building, life path work, career matching, and assistance strengthening spiritual practices. The connection to your strength of decision making, path finding, and healing are waiting for you.




Embodiment Reading w/ Emily (In-Person)
Embodiment Reading w/ Emily (In-Person) Sale price$ 150.00