Herbal Waters - Floor Wash, Herbal Bath, Spell Kits - Redefining Prosperity

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Floor washes and herbal bath kits are just what they sound like. Imagine steeping a satchel of specifically blended herbs of bayberry and sages in a soothing bath, as part of your spellwork. I know, right?! There is minimal cleanup when they come in a pre-mixed bag, and this one comes with a simple spell to follow for using as a bath or a floor wash.

This particular kit is meant to help cleanse, reset, and redefine your relationship with money. The two pouches of pre-mixed herbs that can be used a couple of times each.


Ingredients: Blend of sages, bayberry, rose of jericho, and more.


Energy: Feminine, Masculine

Planet: Jupiter, Venus

Element: Earth, Water, Air

Power: Money, Fortune, Luck, Protection, Purification

Part: Roots, Leaves


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