Handfasting or Legal Marriage - Deposit

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$ 60.00


Erika is ordained to perform legal weddings and also provides non-legal handfasting ceremonies. 

Each ceremony is custom created for each couple and their needs. Since each couple is unique, so should be the ceremony. 

If you are interested in having a ceremony in private, public, or as a legally recognized marriage, this would be the way to secure your date and overview with Erika.

The costs is $60 an hour and this deposit is non-refundable once we begin writing your ceremony. 

Typical Officant costs range from $200-$500 and keep in mind for legal marriages you both must apply for a marriage license and I must return it back to the country it was applied for. *Portland is preference.


Erika, the owner of Keven, has been reading Tarot for 25+ years. She has spent a lifetime on her spiritual path studying shamanism, ritual, energy work, reiki, and magic. She worked for the psychic friends network briefly and specializes in helping one find their current blockages. Her passion lies in a holistic approach paired with personal intention so others can find their balance.

She is kind and considerate of delicate or personal information, which is always kept confidential.

**Divintation uses quantum physics and personal energies by revealing to the reader and the read more information of the current path. This means the more open you are to the process, the deeper the reading can go.

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