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Hardwood Witch’s Runes - Divination Set

Sale price$ 45.00


Witches Runes are a great divination tool. There are only 13 in the set so they are quick to learn without the months of study required by “Tarot” cards or the “Elder Futhark” Runes for example. Don’t let this put you off though because these runes have a unique power all of their own. The symbols used to cover every aspect of life and when used in conjunction with a book offer an insight into any questions asked. Read the runes for yourself or for others. 

The set includes the beautifully crafted box with both the aglow symbol and the ogham Strife (blackthorn) and our custome designed divination hand. It hold the standard 13 Witch’s Runes but we add a 14th, which is blank (similar to the blank rune in reading the Futhark Runes, which represents and unknown, or left to the gods).

We do not include a book to read the runes, however there are many books and online sources for quick reference. 

More information can be found here for definitions.

**PDF and image to print available soon.

Hardwood Witch’s Runes - Divination Set
Hardwood Witch’s Runes - Divination Set Sale price$ 45.00