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Herb + Salt Soak - Flora

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Our Flora, Bath Herb + Salt Soak is made with a Pink Himalayan salt, flowers +herbs, with bright floral and earthy base notes.. 


2 oz Re-sealable Rice Paper Pouch

Directions: Use this Herb + Salt Soak in your much deserved bath. Use it with or without the provided, disposable bamboo bags, or use a re-usable muslin bag. Meditate on the grounding and uplifting herbs, salts, and oils. Approx. 1/4 of the bag is suggested for one bath. For external use only

For those who believe in metaphysical properties, the following etheric energies are associated with these ingredients from the earth: love, sensuality, Venusian, Beltane, may day, fertility, lust, and love.


Ingredients: sodium chloride (pink himalayan salt), maris sal (dead sea salt), centaurea cyanus (cornflower), jasminum officinalis (jasmine), matricaria recutita (chamomile), turnera diffusa (damiana) , stachys officinalis (wood bentony), iris x germanica (orris root)  *Vegan

Place a satchel or a scoop of the bulk salt + herb mixture into a bathtub of hot water and enjoy a long soak. 

Not recommended for pregnant women due to herbs + essential oils selected.

**Although there are minimal amounts of essential oils in our products, some of our essential oils are generally not suggested for pregnant women. Some should specifically be avoided. Please use with caution at your own discretion.

**sustainable, eco-conscious, vegan

**Get your discount on the re-use of container when brought back into our local store.

Herb + Salt Soak - Flora - Keven Craft Rituals
Herb + Salt Soak - Flora Sale price$ 12.00