Herbal Smoking Blend - Sex, Trance, & Astral Travel

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Another signature tobacco free, herbal smoking blend to help stave off cravings for traditional cigarettes or to be used as an aphrodisiac, to help induce trance, or for astral projection while awake or asleep for lucid dreaming.

We use a red raspberry and mullein flowers base to help with the smoking cessation, helping those move on from tobacco use, which are also known to help sooth lungs from damage. Lemon balm and rose are both known for calming effects and together they are an aphrodisiac. Blue Lotus Flowers are known to enhance the libido, and are also mildly psychedelic when smoked. They are also known as the Egyptian dream flower, and the main aphrodisiac said to be used by Cleopatra. (We sell this as a topical oil in our Lust Anoint and Room Spray, but are now also selling the flower as a bulk herb by itself.)

"For thousands of years it was used by Egyptians and Mayans as part of funerary ceremonies. Shamans would use these sacred blue flowers to reach higher levels of consciousness" - Emboden, W. A. (1989) ‘The sacred journey in dynastic Egypt: Shamanistic trance in the context of the narcotic water lily and the mandrake’. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 21(1), pp. 61–75.

**If you do not want to effects of the blue lotus to be psychedelic and you prefer it to soothe and calm, use it as an incense or tea. 

-May also be used as an herbal burning incense or a tea in a teaspoon serving.

This is a fill weight of 25 g, which is a full 9 oz glass jar.

Ingredients: *Red Raspberry Leaf, *Lemon Balm, (Conventional) Blue Lotus Flower, Mullein Flowers, *Rose Petals.


**CANNOT SHIP TO Louisiana, Poland, Romania, and Russia

This is a curio product only and information is for education information purposes only. Keven Craft Rituals LLC is not responsible for any misuse. We make no claims for medical purpose and these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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