High Above, Low Below - All Purpose Magickal Root & Conjure Oil

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This High Above, Low Below oil was created to be used as an all-purpose oil for various magickal practitioners, root, and conjure workers. It is meticulously made with High John the Conquerer Root (Jalapa Root), Low John (Beth Root), and Queen Elisabeth Root (Orris Root), and a proprietary blend of essential oils. What is interesting about something like *High John, is that is a poisonous plant when ingested and used to be used for expelling the bowels. However, as a topical root, it is  non-toxic. Many cultures have used these roots including those of Europe, South America, Mexico, Indigenous Americans, and African Americans. 

Use this oil for breaking hexes, adding success of a spell, love magick, prosperity, or just simply locking-in intention.

**High John is actually a poison plant, so take care to not invest this oil. It is however safe for topical use.

Shake and use 1-2 drops on the skin as necessary. Breath in the scent and use your intention to work your magic. Use it on candles, anointing objects, or sacred spaces.

As a candle dressing, shake and drop 10-15 drops on the top of a candle. Light the candle and burn in a safe area. Do not leave unattended.


This is a *curio object. It has a proprietary blend of ingredients specific for scent, aromatherapy and metaphysical properties. 

**organic grapeseed oil, alcohol extracted herbs, proprietary blend of essential oils. May come in a dark glass bottle or clear

**sustainable, eco-conscious, vegan

**Get your discount on the re-use of container when brought back into our local store.

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