Ritual Incense Cones - Handmade

$ 2

Hand-rolled and formed incense sticks with a makko base. This has hand-ground blend, focuses on a blend of ingredients. We don't use any synthetics and does not contain any chemical additives or cow dung as an accelerate (yes, many commercial incense sticks are made with this!). They contain only the highest ingredient resins, herbs, and essential oils.

Our chunky, handmade cones will burn for an extended amount of time. Expect these to burn 30-40 minutes on a charcoal disk.

When used on a special occasion, ritual, or especially a spell as this will cleanse your etheric field and intensify any magic happenings.

Allow the incense to surround your energetic field and space before you begin. 



Light a single cone and set onto a  non-flammable surface. The cone will burn for 30-45 minutes and will extinguish itself when it is finished.

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