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Intuitive Oracle Reading w/ Nikki

Sale price$ 50.00

Oracle readings are a form of divination through connection to Spirit. A reading functions to provide a way for you to gain clarity about a situation you are currently moving through. Cards pulled during your reading operate as tools to direct you, offering themes to illuminate your path as your move forward. 

An Intuitive Oracle Reading consists of a consultation to discuss the situation in which you are seeking insight. We will begin with a grounding meditation before your reading. After your session you will be given a personalized Ritual Order. These rituals, specific to your reading, will support you in ways that create space for clarity by guiding you with energetic and spiritual order to help reveal your path and achieve your desires. 



Nikki is a Sound Healing Guide, Certified Hypnotist and Energy Worker. Her work focuses on guiding individuals on their path to self-healing by teaching them how to access different levels of consciousness through sound and hypnosis addressing issues concerning the mind, body, and emotions. In addition, her practice weaves together her personal experience in the use of medicinal plants and herbs, symbolism, ceremony, moon phases and Jungian shadow work. For more information: 


Intuitive Oracle Reading w/ Nikki
Intuitive Oracle Reading w/ Nikki Sale price$ 50.00