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Kambaba Jasper - Palm Stones

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"Kambaba Jasper, also known as Kambaba Stone or Green Stromatolite Jasper, is an extremely old stone dating back to 3 billion years ago. The green and black swirling color pattern can have many experienced crystal collectors confusing this stone with Malachite or Nebula Stone. Kambaba Jasper is actually not a Jasper, but rather a fossil. This stone is classified as a stromatolite, which refers to the clump of fossilized algae that created this mineral. One of the special fossils within Kambaba Jasper is actually Cyanobacteria, which is believed to have helped create the first oxygen atmosphere here on earth many moons ago. Other minerals within this special combination of stones are usually Quartz, Feldspar, Cristobalite, and Albite. The exact discovery date and locality of this stone is unknown, however it can be found in South Africa, Madagascar, and the small sea in which divides the two. The origin of the stone’s name is also heavily debated, with the leading theory suggesting Kambaba Jasper was named after Cheitharol Kambaba. Cheitharol Kambaba is the court chronicle of the kings of Manipur, India and has been around for thousands of years." - The Crystal Council

This crystal is linked with the root and heart chakra. It is said to calm negative emotions from guilt, trauma, grief, jealousy, anger, and sadness; keeping one calmer at higher emotional states. 

This crystal contains Amphibole, Christobalite, Feldspar, Quartz, Sanidine, Albite, Uralite, & Hematite.

Use this stone when you are experiencing some of the most emotionally distressing experiences. It can give you the courage to push back on these feelings so they can be productive and not immobilizing. It is said this stone will help with all types of relationships because of this sifting of emotions, keeping one less reactionary. 

Because of its extremely old origin, this stone is perfect to have when out in nature. It is excellent for grounding and being aware of the subtle energies of nature and the earth; becoming more connected with the people, creatures, and living things of the earth. Try meditating with this stone to really tap into these energies and see both your connectedness, and individualism in this world.