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Libra: Gold Leafed Art Print

Sale price$ 35.00

Libra : The Scales, the Seventh House, ruled by Venus, Cardinal Air, correlated with the Justice tarot card. We look to Librans for balance, a sense of justice and “rightness” - and in that way they can be seen rather unromantically. But to consider for a moment the strength it takes to hold up your values and desires in equal measure - to maintain the tenuous balance between our own needs and the good of others…this is Libran work, and though it can be quiet labor, it’s not unlike Atlas holding up the world in the resolve it requires. Our beefcake Libra is pictured with Narcissus - a flower of rebirth and reflection…with a splash of vanity thrown in for good measure…

Available with hand gold leafed scales and air current embellishments (each will vary slightly, leafed to order)

Original artwork by Kita Atabaki. 9”x12” 100% cotton watercolor rag, archival quality print.


Libra: Gold Leafed Art Print
Libra: Gold Leafed Art Print Sale price$ 35.00