Spirit Altar - Intention Filled, Luxury Ritual Candles

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Spirit Altar

- spicy, witchy, sensual, mysterious. The perfect black dress (or fitted suit).

This candle just is.

"It reminds me of my favorite saying: "you are the altar. Not the sacrifice." - NR

Your senses and your spirits will come alive with this scent. Your inner power will too.


 (Contains Fragrance Oil) - 

Top notes: clove & citrus middle notes: geranium & allspice

Base notes: patchouli & wood-


Luxury ritual candles made with a coconut and apricot wax blend, hand poured in Tehachapi, CA, (USA) by Roxy Rose Candle Co. in collaboration with The Nephilim Rising llc.

These are made with Candlescinece "clean scents™", high quality fragrance oils, and organic herbs. They come in a timeless, beautiful black and gold glass jar with wooden lid.

"Michelle brought my ideas to life with her talent. These are our creations and my proprietary blends." - NR

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