Medb (Maeve) Statue - Celtic : Deity Statue for Altars and Decor

$ 120.00


Queen Medb, comes with a small honeybee offering (ethically sourced dead honeybee).

After my own heart, Medb is a goddess to be reckoned with. Her name translates to "she who intoxicates". Indeed, she is reknowned for her prodigious appetites for sex, power, and drink. Honey wine, or mead, is also named from her.

A great warrior queen, she coveted the famous brown bull of Ulster. She schemed and wreaked havoc until he was hers, not to be denied her desires. She embodies obsession, addiction, bloodlust and battle.

She is thought to be the progenitor of Maab, the English queen of the fairies. Also spelled Maeve.

She’s quite big, at 11” tall but free domestic shipping.

Excellent for those working with love magick, sensuality, LGBTQI empowerment, or those magically working the the world of fermentation.
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11" resin statue, red/black color finish


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