Mexican Sorcery : A Practical Guide to Brujeria de Rancho

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Spell work, spiritual cleansing, herbal magic, how to protect against the Evil Eye, and cast, break, and avert hexes and curses.

Mexican witchcraft, or brujeria, has long been an integral part of traditional Mexican culture that permeates all strata of social hierarchy, ethnicity, or level of education.

“Brujeria de Rancho” refers to brujeria as it is practiced in the rural areas of Mexico. There, the brujos de Ranch offer their healing and divinatory powers, acting as advisors, and even meting out justice through the use of cursing and hexing for people who are often not able to pay lawyers’ fees.

Davila, a practicing bruja de Rancho and for whom this is a multi-generational family tradition brings this tradition to light in this comprehensive guide to Brujeria and Hechiceria (sorcery), presenting the beliefs and practices to today’s readers. The tradition includes a component of folk Catholicism that will be accessible to Pagans, non-Catholics, and practitioners of Hoodoo and Conjure. Topics included in the book are spell work, cleansings (limpias), herbs, talismans, how to protect against the Evil Eye, and also how to cast, break, and avert hexes and curses.

“A meticulously researched guide for the seeker of Mexican folk magic, Laura Davila’s Mexican Sorcery explores the folk Catholic aspects of this magia (magic) from a perspective grounded in history and founded on authentic practice. With its practical approach to brujeria del rancho, Mexican Sorcery is a valuable resource for any modern practitioner.” —Alexis A. Arredondo and Eric J. Labrado of City Alchemist, authors of Magia Magia: Invoking Mexican Magic and Blood of Brujeria: Traditional Mexican Curses X Defense  

 “Never before has there been a Brujeria book written in English that contains so much heart and soul. Mexican Sorcery is the book that will change the magical community’s understanding of our magia forever.” —J. Allen Cross, author of American Brujeria: Modern Mexican American Folk Magic  

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