Mini 2 Day Candle - Dressed and Primed for Spells and Rituals (Wholesale)

$ 4
Color: Balance - White

These are our own Keven brand, handpoured soy candles with our custom colors, intentions, and labels.


Death - A black candle with the ritual intention of ending something to transform and begin something else. Hecate blesses the label of the candle, and she is swift and strong and takes no prisoners. Make sure you are really ready to end something and move on in your life. Not associated with the physical intended death of any living being.  (appears slightly lighter when solid due to the white sky wax).

Prosperity - A light green candle with the ritual intention of creating and continuing prosperity. It has been created with the idea of growth and renewal, and can be used for many forms of prosperity as well as the standard monetary increase. It is an unscented soy wax, anointed with our Prosperity oil and topped with a special blend of ground herbs and resins. It has a bright, uplifting, scent. It aligns with the energy of pyrite.

Balance - A white candle with the ritual intention of creating and keeping energetic balance. It is meant to be used to heal and refresh ones energetic fields, and allow even and clear energy flows through the body and channels. All chakras are represented and the energy flows from the ground up.

Love - A red candle intended specifically for love and romance.

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